MPLA calls on nations to follow the ideas of National Hero of Angola

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2023-09-17 15:58:32


MPLA calls on nations to follow the ideas of National Hero of Angola

Luanda, September 17 (RHC)-- The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Angolan People's Liberation Movement (MPLA) urged this Sunday to continue the materialization of Agostinho Neto's ideas, whose center was the improvement of the people's life.

In a message on the occasion of the commemoration on September 17 of the Day of the Founder of the Nation and National Hero, in honor of the birth of the first president of the country, the MPLA highlighted the legacy of the patriot, doctor, writer and politician, and called to reflect on his thought.

"Neto left us a multidisciplinary legacy through which he contributed to lay the foundations of the social, political, cultural and humanist identity of Angolans, which should be remembered and honored forever," the statement said.

It further urged to celebrate the date with a spirit of permanent reflection on the memories and teachings of the hero, whose strategic and transversal thinking is the compass of those who are engaged in the most enormous tasks that contribute to the development of the nation as a collective heritage.

"The MPLA expresses its uncompromising will to 'Work more and communicate better', based on the famous and eternal motto: 'The most important thing is to solve the problems of the people', a statement that continues to guide the development of political measures and other actions," the message added.

The text acknowledges the socio-economic adversities faced by Angolans, "due to both endogenous and exogenous factors," and calls on all living forces to work "together for the development of Angola." Considered one of the greatest figures of the 20th century in the country, Agostinho Neto, born on September 17, 1922, was the leader of the armed struggle process that led to the proclamation of national independence on November 11, 1975.

Recognized as an intellectual and politician, the first president of Angola transcended the national scene by faithfully interpreting the most legitimate aspirations of the Angolan people and by his permanent concern for the liberation of the African peoples subjected to colonial oppression.   (Source: Prensa Latina)


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