At least ten deaths reported in Mexico due to heat wave

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-05-11 15:47:26


The Mexican Government predicted about five heat waves between the months of March and July.   Photo: EFE

Mexico City, May 11 (RHC)-- Mexican health authorities reported the deaths of at least ten people related to a heat wave that has pushed temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius in the center of the country.

The Health Services of the city of San Luis Potosí reported that more than 40 people have needed to be hospitalized for symptoms related to heat stroke and sudden dehydration, in addition to confirming four deaths due to this condition and registering "six more under study."

Ymuri Vaca Ávila, general director of this institution, confirmed that they are facing "a critical situation."  "An intense heat wave is hitting our state and it is especially in the Huasteca area, where temperatures have reached astonishing levels of up to more than 50 degrees," she said.

The official warned of "a worrying increase" in people arriving at hospitals as a result of heat stroke, which "can be extremely dangerous."

According to local media, the majority of these deaths would have been concentrated in Ciudad Valles, the main city in the Huasteca region.  These are the first confirmed deaths in the second heat wave of the year in Mexico, where a dozen cities broke their temperature records between last Thursday and Friday.

According to estimates, at least 20 of the 32 states recorded temperatures above 40 degrees this day, including 11 with heat above 45.

The Mexican Government predicted about five heat waves between March and July, identifying 95 cases and one death on April 16.  The great demand for electricity to combat the heat has caused massive blackouts and the declaration by the National Energy Control Center (Cenace) 'Operational State of Alert' for four consecutive days.


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