Cuban Parliament Begins Tenth Session

Edited by Pedro Manuel Otero
2017-12-19 13:08:36


Havana, Dec 19 (PL).-Havana's Conference Center is hosting today the tenth regular session of the eighth legislature of the People's Power National Assembly, at which lawmakers will debate, among other issues, the execution of the State budget.

The agenda includes the fulfillment of the 2017 economic plan and the proposals for next year.

Other topics to be debated will be the state of response to the people's proposals; the fight against corruption, illegalities and indiscipline, and the functioning of the relevant working committees during the current legislature.

According to Assembly sources, the Economic Affairs Committee will focus on the investment processes in the country, mainly those related to foreign capital, and will analyze details about the new business portfolio and its outlook for 2018.

The International Relations Committee will hold a panel on foreign policy scenarios for the 2018-2023 period and will receive information about collaboration from other nations with Cuba.

For its part, the Parliament's Health and Sports Committee will analyze the impact of the structure of the National Baseball Series and the participation of athletes hired in foreign leagues, as well as the prospects in international collaboration of athletes and their recruitment in other nations.

With regard to public health, the lawmakers will discuss the compliance with actions linked to the shortage of medicines, the use of natural and traditional medicine, and the quality of minimum access surgery services.

The Agri-food Committee will debate the measures taken by the entrepreneurial group Azcuba to guarantee reparations in the sugar industry and the state of the plantations for the upcoming harvest; the limitations of tobacco production in the country is also among the topics to be discussed.

The Attention to Services Committee will review, among other aspects, the compliance with the commercial circulation plan.

The Industries, Construction and Energy Committee will focus on the update on the state of housing at the national level and the results of the programs for the implementation of renewable energy sources, as well as state investments in the field of hydraulic resources.

Likewise, the Attorney General's Office and the Supreme People's Court will redered accounts to the National Assembly.

All ten working groups of the People's Power National Assembly will evaluate common issues on December 19 and 20, while on the 21st, the plenary session will be held at the Havana's Conference Center.


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