Carnival CEO disappointed with US ban of cruise ships to Cuba.

New York, July 17 (RHC)-- Carnival company is very disappointed with the ban of cruise ships port calls to Cuba imposed by the US government.

Speaking on CNBC Live TV “Closing Bell”, Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation CEO discussed how Cuba travel restrictions are impacting the company´s bottom line. He said that the ban is costing the company 4 to 6 cents per share.

The Executive said that the service represented a small percent of the company´s capacities, but the abruptness of the implementation let hundreds of thousands of Americans disappointed because they were planning to visit Cuba.

Once that the decision was announced, Donald said Carnival had to rebook all those people and come up with alternative itineraries.

Asked about how easy it would be to reverse the decision if there would be a new administration, the CEO said whenever this administration or a future administration chooses to allow travel back to Cuba, with the Cubans approval, his company will be ready, willing and able to go because there are lots of Americans who really want to visit the island.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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