Cuba makes progress on legislation against gender violence

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2020-11-27 09:18:36


Havana, November 27  (RHC)-- Cuba's Deputy Attorney General, Alina Montesinos, acknowledged on Thursday the country's willingness to advance in the legal implementation of protection against gender violence.

Speaking at the TV program Mesa Redonda, the specialist in family law explained that the topic demands elaboration of one or several laws and mainstream the treatment of gender to institutions and legislators.

"A law would not be enough. We must ensure that the legal framework against this type of violence has an adequate perspective," she stressed.

For her part, Havana University Professor Clotilde Proveyer added that the issue also transcends legislators' professional skills and the language to be used.

Gender-mainstreaming is necessary from the very drafting of the law, the treatment of the issue; institutions and stakeholders must be prepared in this regard," she said.

Osmaida Hernández, a member of the national secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), acknowledged in this regard the actions that the country implements to make visible the fight against this scourge.

In the country, there is a political will against gender violence, expressed in all the mechanisms of the Cuban Communist Party and the formation of working groups in different ministries to protect women.

In this regard, she added there are 168 Women, and Family Orientation focused on work and protection for the women.

On Wednesday, the FMC launched the first national campaign for gender nonviolence to visualize the organization's commitment as a national mechanism for women's advancement in the country.

Named  Juntas, the initiative will run from November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, until March 8, 2021.


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