Biden asked to lift unilateral U.S. sanctions against Cuba

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-02-16 22:00:42


Washington, February 16 (RHC) The Washington D.C.-based Cuba Study Group (CSG) requested President Joe Biden on Tuesday to promote the lifting of the measures that make up the U.S. blockade against the island.

The CSG also called on the head of the White House to order an immediate review of the redesignation of Cuba as one of the states that, according to Washington, sponsor terrorism, and once again renounce Title III of the Helms-Burton Act - as a way to initiate the improvement of bilateral ties.

Members of the organization, who are business leaders and young Cuban-American professionals residing in the United States, called on the U.S. Executive to update and restore the 2016 Presidential Policy Directive entitled U.S.-Cuba Normalization, approved by President Barack Obama.

The organization, self-described as a non-profit and non-partisan entity, called on the head of the White House and his advisors to generate 'the political space necessary for Congress to lift the unilateral sanctions' imposed for almost six decades on the Caribbean nation.

The authors of the document advise the Biden administration to modify Washington's traditional policy of 'regime change', rejected by the island's authorities, to try to overthrow the Havana government.

The United States and Cuba should strive to shield the progress made against unpredictable political cycles later, the study adds, as progress will only be achieved through provisions that create the necessary space for Congress to remove such restrictions.

The proposals submitted by the CSG to the White House come barely a month after Biden's inauguration, who promised to change the policy developed by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

During the Republican ruler's term (2017-2021),  the administration intensified unilateral sanctions against Cuba to unprecedented levels.

Among the most significant pretexts put forward by Trump to sabotage the course towards normalization established between Havana and Washington during the Obama administration are the alleged health incidents or 'sonic attacks' against his diplomats in Cuba.

Such fallacies were confirmed in a recently declassified U.S. State Department report, which ratifies the lack of evidence to link Cuba with the 'mysterious ailments' that affected U.S. officials.

Cuban authorities have reiterated on numerous occasions that Washington's economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Caribbean island is the main obstacle to the beginning of a process of normalization of bilateral ties.

According to its leading officials' statements, the Cuban government also rejects any conditions harmful to the sovereignty of the island imposed by the U.S. Executive as a prior step to any improvement in the ties between Havana and Washington.




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