Biden Campaign Team describes as cruel the ban by the Trump Administration of remittances to Cuba

Washington, October 30 (RHC) The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the Trump Administration's ban on sending remittances to Cuba.

In a statement, Biden's Florida campaign strategic advisor, Christian Ulvert, called President Trump's war on family remittances a cruel distraction.

The member of Biden's team recalled that the U.S. company Western Union is the largest remittance service on the island, so its closure will hurt Cuban families, especially the elderly and most vulnerable.

"Amid a global pandemic in which families are suffering deeply on the island and around the world, President Trump denies Cuban Americans the right to support their families," he added.

According to Ulvert, the supposed support that Trump says he is offering the Caribbean country's people is nothing more than empty rhetoric.

"Both Americans and Cubans cannot afford four more years of weak leadership, empty words, and broken promises from Trump.

The announcement by Biden's campaign, who will be the Republican candidate's rival in next Tuesday's election, comes after the U.S. government announced on October 23 that it would eliminate the scope of certain general authorizations related to sending remittances to the Caribbean island nation.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


  • David Wade's gravatar
    David Wade
    30/10/2020 06:35 pm

    It is encouraging to hear the words of Biden's campaign person, but until Biden himself says these things, I won't believe that anything will change for the better for Cuba under Biden. He is just a career politician who will say anything to get elected. Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic Party nominee for President, not Joe Biden.

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