Cuba denounces U.S. financial boycott of the UN

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-10-29 08:49:22


Cuba's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Pedro Luis Pedroso.

United Nations, October 29 (RHC)-- Practically 80 percent of the historic debt that the UN has today in its regular budget is attributable to non-payments by the United States, one of the world economic powers, Cuba denounced.

The island's permanent representative to the United Nations, Pedro Luis Pedroso, described this fact as inadmissible and ethically condemnable.

In an event in UN Headquarters on improving the organization's financial situation, Pedroso said the multilateral organization is the most useful tool for working together to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

However, he added, we note with concern how the lack of financial resources that the United Nations has taken in recent years seriously compromises the cardinal functions it should fulfill.

The Cuban diplomat stressed that it is not morally justifiable that the United States, the country with the most significant contribution due to its excess capacity to pay, should intentionally decide to withhold its contributions to this organization.

He pointed out that this situation is nothing more than financial pressure and a boycott against the multilateral organization.

Pedroso highlighted how Cuba has fully complied with all its payments, making colossal efforts and sacrifices, despite dealing this year with a tense economic scenario, mainly associated with Covid-19 and the immovable economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

This U.S. siege is not loosening one inch in the face of the humanitarian implications of this pandemic, he emphasized.

Washington tightened the blockade in an opportunistic and unprecedented manner in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, as denounced on repeated occasions by the Government of Havana.


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