President Diaz-Canel assessed recovery work in an industrial zone in Matanzas

Edited by Catherin López
2022-10-21 19:07:13


Cuban President reviewed the recovery of the Supertanker Base in the industrial zone of western Matanzas province


Matanzas, Cuba, Oct 21 (RHC) On Friday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel reviewed the recovery of the Supertanker Base in the industrial zone of western Matanzas province, and the energy situation in the territory.


The head of State emphasized the need to speed up consultations to make progress in the restoration program of the Supertanker Base, affected by a fire on August 5. The recovery work carried out is at 61 percent.


The main works focus mainly on the fire water supply system and supply to the Base, the demolition of damaged objects and structures, and the recovery of power lines.

The director of the Matanzas Territorial Division of Fuel Commercialization, Rigel Rodriguez, reported that the demolition of structures and other works are being carried out, with a positive impact on changing the image of the site affected by the largest fire in Cuba’s history.


Rodriguez pointed out that the four tanks that caught fire were demolished, and said that they expect to receive the much-needed materials to start the construction of a new tank before the end of this year shortly.


At the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric power plant (CTE), the Cuban president called for simultaneous and accurate monitoring of the technological structures within the unit, the recovery of capacities, and the execution of innovative maintenance actions that will have a positive impact on a generation.


Diaz-Canel pointed out that all aspects within a power plant are important (climate, temperature, dust) so it is necessary to tackle the causes that bring about problems and work together in the search for solutions that allow the application of accurate diagnoses that an impact on the recovery of megawatts.


Unit Director Misbel Palmero explained the complex situation in recent weeks, which several times caused the national electric power grid to shut down, and said that actions are being taken to keep it synchronized until the next maintenance is carried out, which will allow improvements in the infrastructure. (Prensa Latina)


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