Deputy denounces blockade and hostility against Cuba in EuroLat

Edited by Catherin López
2022-12-02 20:44:03


Cuban deputy Rolando González

Brussels, Dec 2 (RHC) Cuban deputy Rolando González denounced today in the European-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat) the impact of the U.S. blockade on the island in sectors such as education, and the actions aimed at stimulating subversion against his country.

Gonzalez described as economic warfare the policy with which Washington has attacked Cuba for more than 60 years, while speaking at the Commission on Social Affairs, Youth, Children, Human Exchanges, Education and Culture of the forum that met in Brussels.


The vice-chairman of the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People's Power made specific reference to the damage caused by the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade on education and access to information, effects that became more evident during the Covid-19 pandemic.


According to González, who represented the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) at the EuroLat, the U.S. blockade sensitively affects Cuba in terms of access to information and important platforms for the training of teachers and students. He shared his country's achievements in the fight against Covid-19, among them the creation of its vaccines and drugs to treat patients.


The island continues to be in the best disposition to collaborate with its experiences and scientific results with the nations that need them, including through triangular cooperation, he stressed. Gonzalez also denounced at EuroLat, the destabilizing plans promoted and financed by the United States to stimulate internal subversion in the Island and subject it to a hybrid war.

My country has the right to defend itself against aggressions, and any serious and balanced analysis should recognize the violation of International Law that such acts represent, he warned. (Source: Prensa Latina).


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