The Commons of Colombia condemned the US blockade of Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-01-30 13:13:52


Commons of Colombia

Bogota, January 30 (RHC) The Colombian party Commons rejected the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, and highlighted the dignity and resistance of the people of the Caribbean island in the face of the unjust policy.


At end of its III National Assembly, the leftist force, in its Political Declaration, also condemned the spurious and arbitrary inclusion of the Antillean country in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.


«In the crisis of capitalism, unleashed more than a decade ago and deepened by the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world, it acquires its crudest manifestation through the wars waged in various territories, including the global north», Commons said.


It added that, in contrast, it is the peoples of the south, particularly those of Our America, who say enough is enough and launch a new progressive wave, within which the protection of nature and the leadership of women, youth, and the ethnic peoples are its essence.


The group, born from the Peace Agreement signed in 2016 between the extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army and the government of Juan Manuel Santos on behalf of the State, emphasized that the American continent is painted with diversity and dignity.


“The heroic Cuba, which despite the spurious and arbitrary inclusion in the list of alleged State sponsors of terrorism continues to resist the criminal blockade with dignity, is first on the list; Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Colombia are examples of the winds of change,” it highlighted.


The partisan group expressed that in the slogan of its III National Assembly, “A party for the new times!”, it synthesizes the meaning of this activity full of democracy in its militant life and also corresponds to the new political era that has begun with the government of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, elected by the Colombian people.


The party assured that the commitment to the Peace Agreement and the work for its comprehensive implementation set the immediate course for Commons and that the release of prisoners who were victims of breaches of the Agreement, the health of war-injured comrades, the free return to Colombia of Simón Trinidad, the memory of his dead, the full guarantees for economic, social and political reincorporation and the full contribution to Total Peace.


“The III Assembly marks the path of unity as a multiplying factor of the forces of change,” he said.  (Source: PL)


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