WSF ratifies support for Cuba's struggle against Washington's immoral blockade

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-05-06 20:05:22


Managua, May 6 (RHC)-- Coordinators of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean ratified here today Cuba's struggle against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for more than six decades.

Through a resolution approved after concluding a regional meeting held in this capital, the trade unionists rejected Washington's permanent attacks against Havana, as well as the inclusion of Cuba in the spurious list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

"We call on the workers, social and trade union organizations of the sub-region to redouble the political organizational levels in defense of the Cuban people, government and workers, united in the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba," the document stressed.

It also showed solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Cuban people and for the respect of their sovereignty, self-determination and freedom.

It alluded to the example of struggle, heroism and tenacity of the people and workers of the Caribbean nation, who even with the blockade and other measures against them, inspire "millions of men and women who aspire to build a better world".

The text stressed that the U.S. administrations do not rest in their eagerness to destroy the Cuban Revolution, and today continue from different scenarios, countless methods and techniques to subdue the leadership of the country and the people.

The document reiterated that the Cuban Revolution is the "first and main reference and symbol of struggle and victory in Latin America when it defeated US imperialism in 1959".

The meeting of coordinators of the WFTU of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean was held under the slogan "for world peace and international trade union solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua".

During the meeting, the trade unionists advocated the need to follow the struggle of the workers and to articulate positions so that progressive governments take into consideration the position of the workers and strengthen their struggle for self-determination.


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