A clinical trial of a Cuban drug against Alzheimer's disease reports advances

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2023-07-14 17:23:29



A clinical trial of a Cuban drug against Alzheimer's disease reports advances


Havana, Jul 14 (RHC) Cuba is showing notable progress in the clinical trial of the drug NeuralCIM (NeuroEPO) against Alzheimer's disease, an ailment that affects thousands of people around the world and devastates their families.


There are two trials, one in Havana and the other at the national level. The first case includes three treatment groups, one with NeuralCIM, a product of the Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM). A second one is the active control, which uses donepezil, a compound approved since the 90s, for the aforementioned disease.


"There is a third group to which NeuralCIM combined with Donepezil is applied, that is to say, all patients are treated," CIM clinical promoter Lesly Pérez explained to Prensa Latina news agency.


She added that in this phase III, we seek to increase all the information data we have on efficacy and safety from the past trial, which allowed the Cuban regulatory agency to give the registration conditioned to the product.


"Now we are on the way to obtaining the definitive registration, once the efficacy and safety results obtained are confirmed," she said.


"So far, this research has 106 patients included, the sample is 413, hence we have to continue evaluating more people, possibly up to 700, so it is important to recruit," Perez said.


"Our endeavor would have as its greatest value that it would be Cuba's first drug against Alzheimer's disease," said the expert.


She said that it is not that the patients will be cured, "but that we are going to slow down the cognitive deterioration, and in this journey to the end to be as dignified as possible, thus improving their quality of life and reducing the wear and tear of their caregivers," she said. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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