Cuba to represent the G77 at the UN Assembly

Edited by Catherin López
2023-09-17 11:04:24


Rodolfo Benítez (center) in a meeting with the press.


Havana, Sep 17 (RHC) Cuba will participate in the high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly, which will take place from September 18 to 26, representing the positions and legitimate interests of the 134 member nations of the Group of 77.


Rodolfo Benítez Verson, director of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), said that in its capacity as president pro tempore of the G 77, the largest of the Antilles will present the results of the meeting in Havana to the UN plenary in New York.


Within the United Nations system and other relevant multilateral forums, the aforementioned group comes out of this summit more united and strengthened and, therefore, in better conditions to reinforce its key and relevant position in the international discussions that are taking place, said Benítez.


He pointed out that the interventions of heads of delegations from more than a hundred countries and international organizations, during two days at the Havana Convention Palace, made it possible to articulate positions at a key moment, just before the high-level segment begins next Monday in New York, the main headquarters of the United Nations.


This meeting of the G 77 also paves the way for the Third South Summit, to be held in January 2024 in Kampala, capital of the sister African nation of Uganda, informed the director of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Minrex.


He explained that the pro tempore presidency lasts one year and for that purpose there is a system of geographical rotation; Cuba assumed it now for Latin America and the Caribbean, and next year, since it corresponds to Africa, the decision was made that Uganda will occupy it, in whose capital, in the second half of January will take place that appointment and the transfer of the mandate by Cuba. (Source:ACN)


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