Speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, at the World Summit of Governments 2024

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2024-02-13 13:24:48


Speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, at the World Summit of Governments 2024, held in the United Arab Emirates, February 12, 2024.

Distinguished authorities of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai,

Dear Heads of government delegations, guests and representatives of other sectors:

On behalf of the Cuban delegation, I thank the warm hospitality of the people and government of the United Arab Emirates and the opportunity to participate in this new edition of the World Summit of Governments.


Humanity has reached an unimaginable scientific and technical potential; however, never before has the world been so unequal and inequality so deep.

A new, more just, democratic and equitable international order could ensure decent living standards for present and future generations.

The current multidimensional crisis in the world is aggravated by geopolitical conflicts and wars for the control of natural resources, which are serious threats to human survival.

In this context, Cuba reiterates its solidarity and unwavering support for the brotherly Palestinian people in the face of the genocide being committed in their illegally occupied territories.

Distinguished delegates:

Science, technology and innovation must be essential components of the political debate associated with development.

The Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in September 2023 in Havana, under the Cuban presidency of the G-77 and China, achieved a substantive debate on the transcendental role of science, technology and innovation in the context of today's enormous development challenges.

The final Declaration adopted at the Summit includes a set of practical actions to address these pressing problems from a Southern perspective.The recent summit in Havana and this summit in Dubai have important points of convergence, which we must build on and enhance.

Distinguished colleagues:

Digital transformation must be developed to respond to the needs of our peoples.

Financing is required for investments in infrastructure, services, training and technology transfer without conditionalities, which increase the capacity for science, technology and innovation of our countries.

Within this framework, Artificial Intelligence must be a facilitator and promoter of sustainable development.

It should help to foster equality between men and women and the promotion of human rights.It is also necessary for all actors to be aware of the ethical dimension of the use of these technologies and to encourage global debates on their regulatory framework, international governance and other key issues.

Artificial Intelligence will have an increasing impact on all aspects of our lives and we need to prepare for it.

We are entering a new era that offers enormous possibilities, but also great challenges that have not yet been fully addressed.For example, it is imperative to prevent Artificial Intelligence and Information and Communications Technologies from being used for criminal purposes, discrimination, hate speech and violence, among other scourges.

Another challenge to overcome is the high concentration of advanced digital production technologies. Only ten economies are responsible for 90% of all world patents in this area.

The growing privatization of knowledge must stop, as it poses limitations to progress and scientific solutions to problems, in addition to aggravating socioeconomic conditions in developing countries.Excellencies:

I would like to refer briefly to Cuba's experience and challenges in some of the issues we are discussing here.

We have consolidated a system based on science and innovation, in all areas, as fundamental pillars of government management in Cuba.

This entire system provides for a systematic dialogue between scientists, experts and academics with the Government, as well as interaction with other social actors to ensure that science and innovation fulfill the social functions that the country requires for its development.In addition, our country has been promoting education in a sustained manner, particularly higher education, and has great scientific and technological potential and capabilities.

The challenge of the pandemic demanded from the country the strengthening of technological sovereignty, particularly in the field of health, which came to fruition, as its best expression, with the creation of 3 Cuban vaccines and two other vaccine candidates against Covid-19.

We were victorious in that hard fight and were able to support other countries, both with vaccines and with specialized human resources.

We have done all this under very difficult conditions. For our country, the task of development is especially hard. The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba has just completed 62 years. It is the greatest obstacle to our development and a flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of our people.

I take this opportunity to thank, once again, the solidarity of the peoples and governments of the world in our struggle against the blockade.

In spite of all the obstacles, we will continue to carry out the necessary transformations in the economy and society.We are working on strengthening the entrepreneurial system, increasing agricultural production, diversifying the economic actors with the creation of micro, small and medium-sized private enterprises, and a broad legislative update, among other actions, as part of the implementation of the Government's projections to correct distortions and boost the economy.

In parallel, social innovation policies associated with increasing popular participation in the conduct of public affairs are being developed to fight inequalities and promote greater social justice.


We have the most absolute conviction that it will not be possible to advance toward a sustainable way of life, in harmony with nature, without promoting international solidarity as a human right and, within it, cooperation and complementarity as basic premises.

It is unacceptable that, in the midst of the most colossal scientific and technological development of all times, the world has gone back three decades in the reduction of poverty and hunger.

One could not seriously speak of technological progress or equitable access to communications when more than 84 million children remain out of school and more than 660 million people have no electricity.


I invite you to work for a world of peace, which will allow for the full development of our societies.

Our Government will continue to promote solidarity, complementarity, cooperation and dialogue among peoples to show that a better world is possible.Cuba will continue to be the rebellious, dignified and sovereign island, with which humanity can continue to count on to demonstrate that Yes we could, yes we can, and we always can!Until victory always!

Thank you very much.



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