Speech by Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero at meeting of Eurasian Intergovernmental Council

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2024-06-05 11:35:55


Speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Marrero Cruz, at the meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council, in Nesvizh, Republic of Belarus, June 4, 2024

His Excellency Mr. Nikol Pashinian, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and President of the Eurasian Economic Union;

His Excellency Mr. Roman Golovchenko, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus;

Your Excellencies Heads of Delegations of the member countries of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council;

Distinguished guests:

First of all, allow me to extend a warm greeting to the Belarusian people and Government, who are hosting this session of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council and thank them for the invitation they extended to us to participate in this important event.

As we have expressed on more than one occasion in these meetings, the Government of Cuba attaches great importance to the economic, commercial, financial and cooperation relations with the Eurasian Economic Union and its member states, which are based on the historical ties between the Cuban people and the people of this region.

Just a few days ago, in the month of May, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Union. The path taken has not been free of obstacles, although satisfactory results have been seen that result in greater development of their respective economies and the well-being of their people.

The Eurasian Economic Union has managed to become a platform for close economic interaction between its member states and, at the same time, a promising actor in the international space.

Dear colleagues:

We must achieve greater coordination that allows us to develop innovative and attractive joint projects in areas of common interest. In this context, a more systematic and effective relationship between the ministries and sectoral bodies of the Commission and the Member States and observers is essential.

In the sphere of agriculture and agribusiness there are opportunities that we have been working on with Belarusian partners for years. The businesses that we manage to develop will also pay taxes on the export of Cuban products to the member countries of the EAEU.

In addition to greater links in these spheres, it would allow us to promote foreign investment for the development of animal production, such as chicken, cattle, pork, as well as citrus, fruit, sugar, cocoa and coffee. Promoting the development of grains and seeds, and the joint creation of veterinary vaccines, is another possibility, one of the many that could emerge and spread as a beneficial experience.

Likewise, we must promote exchanges between the structures of the Eurasian Economic Commission, businessmen from the countries of the Union and Cuba, with the aim of establishing direct links to encourage trade and cooperation, as well as foreign investment.

On May 21, a Cuba-Eurasian Economic Union Business Forum took place in Havana, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, which was attended by businessmen from the sectors of agriculture, health, medical services, tourism, culture, sports, the chemical and steel industry, transportation and foreign trade.

This space was an opportunity to get to know each other better, delve into the mechanisms of the Eurasian Union and promote the possibilities of cooperation and investment between the Cuban business community and its peers from the member countries of the Union. Cuba is totally open to the development of initiatives that contribute to these purposes.

Dear colleagues:

Once again I would like to ratify the commitment of my country, the only one in the Latin American region that holds observer status in the EAEU, with the development of mutually beneficial cooperation, in which Cuba can not only contribute with its potential in terms of human capital, infrastructure, productive base, scientific and technical results in innovative fields, health and tourism, but also, in its condition as a fully integrated State in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our region has a very favorable framework for the development of its trade relations, which could contribute to the economic interests of the Union and its Member States. The commercial benefits offered allow finished products in Cuba to be exported to Latin America and the Caribbean, with substantial savings in production processes, tariffs and transportation, at a time when these costs tend to increase more and more. in the international market.

Before concluding, I would like to express the gratitude of the Cuban Government and people to all the Member States of the Union for their sustained and clear support in our battle against the prolonged and reinforced economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, which represents the main obstacle to our development and daily affects the living conditions of all Cubans.  The U.S. government should also remove our country from the list of states that allegedly sponsor terrorism, which they use as a pretext to maintain coercive measures against our people.

Dear colleagues, as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of this vital multifaceted partnership, we reiterate our wishes for success in its future development, and we are confident that we will continue to promote sustainable economic development in our countries, for the sake of greater prosperity for our people.

I assure you that Cuba will continue to resist and develop.   Ever onward to victory!

Thank you so much.




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