Bridges of Love for Cuba in Bolivia demands an end to Washington's blockade

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-04-28 21:49:35


La Paz, April 28 (RHC)-- Dozens of Bolivians from various leftist forces on Sunday expressed their repudiation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, in the Plaza Mayor of San Francisco, in La Paz.

Graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine, members of the Guevarista Movement of Bolivia/ELN, representatives of the Communist Party of Bolivia and its youth organization and activists affiliated with the Bolivian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba-La Paz, starred in this mobilization.

“Without this criminal and genocidal blockade, Cuba today would be a power in the promotion of a better world due to its humanist and solidarity policy,” said Dr. Hady Alarcón, who narrated her unforgettable experiences during her years of study on the island of Cuba. Caribbean.

Roxana Vaca spoke on behalf of the children of the martyrs of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara's guerrilla in Bolivia, and expressed recognition to a people that for more than six decades has exemplarily resisted the aggressiveness of the United States Government.

“We raise our voices against Washington's genocidal policy, we come to defend the model of life based on love, in the name of which we demand that Cuba's name be erased from the spurious and unilateral list manufactured by the United States of countries that sponsor terrorism. “said the activist.

She called for the United States to cease its policy of blockades, of sponsoring genocides like the one committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and of financing the million-dollar campaigns of lies spread every minute by the major media networks.

Emotional in Bridges of Love for Cuba were the words of doctor Omar Zambrana, who narrated the testimony of his experiences in Cuban hospitals during his time as a resident, where he experienced the emotion of saving lives with a free service for all.

He recalled that, due to the blockade barrier, he saw how it was impossible to acquire drugs, supplies and spare parts for equipment such as tomographs, whose use benefits all citizens without political, racial, gender or generational considerations.

“That is why we are here, in support of a country that with exemplary dignity fights and resists in favor of a better world,” said Zambrana, “in the face of the most powerful empire in the world.”

Among the dozens of activists was Dr. Nila Heredia, former Minister of Health and former president of the Bolivian Truth Commission.

The also leader of the Guevarista Movement-National Liberation Army, insisted that the same people who block and dedicate millions of dollars to defame Cuba and its Revolution, are those who promote genocide in Palestine.

During the event in the central square, performances by the Bolivian troubadour Gabriel Machicado and recordings by Carlos Puebla and other Cuban singers were heard. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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