Russian Patriarch Considers Special School in Cuba a Sacred Place

Edited by Pedro Manuel Otero
2016-02-13 19:20:27


Havana, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, his Sanctity Kirill, compared today the Cuban special education school Solidaridad con Panama (Solidarity with Panama) to a sacred place, where the children are an example to others.

During an emotional visit to the school, the Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia said words of praise and hope to the students, who fete him with songs and dances.

It is a celebration to see you. You do what many people can not do, and have what others do not possess: a very special life experience, because you overcome hindrances and are an example to others, to healthy children. That is the most important thing, the religious leader said.

God gives each and everyone their talents and marks those who are very important to society with a special characteristic, said Kirill to the group of children that sang two songs for him, including the popular song Guantanamera, a symbol of the Cuban culture.

According to the Patriarch, the children at the school, opened on December 31, 1989 by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, are significantly necessary for the whole society.

Remember my words, he recommended. You render a very special service to the rest of the people. You help them be kind, leave their selfishness behind and open their hearts to others.

As we usually go to parties with gifts, I want to give you these things here: projectors, screens to watch movies, tablets, laptops, wheelchairs and toys, said the religious leader before handing over a donation to the institution.

School Principal Esther Maria La O, thanked the Russian Patriarch for the deference of visiting the school and the gesture of making a donation with which the children will be very happy, she asserted.


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