Caracas, November 22 (RHC)-- Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro disclosed in Caracas that high-ranking officers of the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Armed Forces are in currently in Cuba witnessing operations of the National Military Exercise, Bastion 2013.... More

Havana, November 22 (RHC) -- Cuba is preparing itself to face non-conventional illegalities as the country moves into economic change in which private businesses are on the increase... More

Quito, November 22 (RHC)-- Young Cubans who are working in Ecuador will join Cuba´s delegation to the Eighteenth World Festival of Youth and Students, to be held from December 7th to the 13th.... More

Havana, November 22 (RHC)-- The decision to take us to trial and make a mockery of American justice once and again must be overturned by all those who believe in Justice and Democracy in the United States, said Rene González, one of the members of the Cuban anti-terrorist group who was sentenced on false changes sentenced in a corrupt trial in Miami in 1998.... More

Holguin, November 22 (RHC)-- The director of the Havana-based Martin Luther King Jr. Center, Reverend Raul Suarez has underlined the need to strengthen relations between church activity and community work based on family harmony, solidarity and humanism.... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Army General Raul Castro, President of Cuba and of the National Defense Council, visited the command post of the Interior Order and Security Body, following the start of Bastion 2013 military exercises throughout the island.... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- For the first time ever, Cuban social workers in the area of healthcare celebrate their national day with a ceremony at the Ernesto Che Guevara Complex in central Villa Clara province. ... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Cuba currently counts on good availability of medications with 65 percent of drugs being produced in the country thanks to local research and scientific development, said the head of the National Pharmaceutical Services Victor Faife, at FARMACARIBE 2013 scientific forum, underway in Santiago de Cuba.... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- The Yemeni Minister of Health, Ahmed al Ansi, highly praised the work of Cuban doctors in that country.... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Hundreds of messages from all over the world demand from the web site the immediate release of Cuban Anti-terrorists sentenced in Miami 15 years ago and reject the illegalities committed at the court set up for their trial. ... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- More than ten years after their arrest thousands of miles away, suspects of terrorism imprisoned at the Guantanamo military jail, in southeast Cuba, are still in a legal limbo that prolongs the solution to their illegal situation... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Eighty two percent of the minors who break the law in Cuba and are sentenced to a detention period are able to reinsert themselves successfully in day-to-day activities after serving their sentence. ... More

Havana, November 21 (RHC)— A photo-voltaic park, the first one in Cuba’s western-most province of Pinar del Rio, will begin to be set up in 2014 and progressively start contributing energy to the provincial power grid. ... More

Matanzas, November 20 (RHC)-- The unity and support of the Cuban people are decisive factors of strength and must be maintained as an essential fortress in face of any attempt by our enemy to attack the Cuban Revolution, said General Joaquín Quinta, Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.... More

Brazilia, November 20 (RHC)-- Managers and other high officials of Brazilian Government institutions received detailed information on the advantages of the Mariel Special Development Zone, in Cuba, which offers new opportunities for Foreign investment and profits.... More