PAHO/WHO assists Bahamas authorities in addressing complex health and sanitation issue in wake of Dorian

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2019-09-09 21:10:24


Nassau, September 9 (RHC)-- The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is working jointly with the government and health authorities in The Bahamas, addressing the complex health issue there, in the wake of powerful hurricane Dorian, which struck the island state last week.

Specialists with PAHO/WHO are focusing primarily on clinical care to save the lives of persons who survived the hurricane and keeping people safe, with three Emergency Medical Teams arriving in the Bahamas.

In statements to the press, Dr. Esther de Gurvil, PAHO/WHO’s Representative in the Bahamas said: “Clearly it is a desperate situation for some persons on Abaco, and PAHO is working with the Ministry of Health and emergency teams to help those who survived secure food supplies, safe drinking water and sanitation.”

Dr. de Gurvil noted that PAHO had pre-deployed water and sanitation experts and health services experts to Bahamas even before Hurricane Dorian struck. The team includes experts in logistics, disease surveillance, coordination, information (data) management, and civil-military cooperation.

She stressed that PAHO pledged health sector infrastructure and public health support and is acting quickly with the support of the Ministry of Health to assess needs and damage assessments.

PAHO’s Disaster Response Team is also supporting the Bahamas Ministry of Health in all areas of the response and is expected to launch a funding appeal in the coming days.

We should mention now that Cuba was among the first to express condolences and solidarity with the people and the government of the Bahamas in the wake of the human life loss and devastation caused by hurricane Dorian.

The Cuban authorities have also offered to contribute to mitigating the damage, as well as offering medical assistance to the hurricane victims –an area in which Cuba enjoys well-deserved international prestige.


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