Tel Aviv, February 23 (RHC)-- The Israeli army's chief of staff Herzi Halevi has instructed troops “not to film revenge videos” after footage was used as evidence in the case against the regime for genocide before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.... More

Chicago, February 23 (RHC)-- The U.S. city of Chicago is suing six oil and gas giants, as well as an industry trade group, which “funded, conceived, planned, and carried out a sustained and widespread campaign of denial and disinformation about the existence of climate change and their products’ contribution to it.” ... More

Geneva, February 23 (RHC)-- Nearly 100 more Palestinians were killed and 132 injured by Israeli attacks on Gaza between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday night, according to the Palestinian territory’s Health Ministry.... More

Havana, Feb 22 (RHC) The prominent Brazilian writer and theologian Frei Betto today delivered in Havana a conference titled Cultural and Ethical Diversity.... More

Havana, Feb 22 (RHC) The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today lamented the loss of human life due to the collapse of a mine in the state of Bolívar, in Venezuela.... More

Havana, Feb 22 (RHC) Cuba and Somalia are cooperating to clarify the current situation of Cuban doctors Assel Herrera and Landy Rodríguez, kidnapped in 2019 on the border between Somalia and Kenya.... More

Havana, Feb 22 (RHC) Cuban entrepreneurs interested in carrying out projects or businesses will be able to take advantage of the second edition of El Pitch Festival, scheduled for March 2 and 3.... More

Tel Aviv, February 22 (RHC)-- In the occupied West Bank, a shooting attack on a highway near an illegal settlement killed at least one Israeli and injured several others.  Two of the three Palestinian gunmen were shot and killed on the scene. ... More

London, February 22 (RHC)-- The UK’s House of Commons has descended into chaos as the government and the Scottish National Party (SNP) condemned Speaker Lindsay Hoyle for his handling of a key vote on support for a ceasefire in Gaza.... More

New York City, February 22 (RHC)-- The drug trafficking trial of former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández is underway.  Prosecutors accuse Hernández of ruling Honduras like a “narco-state” as he accepted millions of dollars in bribes from cocaine traffickers in exchange for protection. ... More

Washington, February 22 RHC)-- A court in Washington, D.C., is hearing arguments in a lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of racial discrimination and rights violations of Haitian asylum seekers. ... More

United Nations, February 22 (RHC)-- The death toll in Gaza since October 7th is nearing 30,000, not counting thousands more who are missing, presumed dead and buried beneath the rubble. ... More

The Hague, February 22 (RHC)-- Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, stressed Thursday the need to impose legal measures against those complicit in the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip.... More

Havana, February 22 (RHC) - Cubans Robertlandy Simón, Marlon Yant and Roamy Alonso put in notable performances in their clubs' victories in the latest round of the Champions League quarter-finals in European volleyball.... More

New York, February 22 (RHC)-- The movement for a ceasefire to end Israel’s war on Gaza has shone a spotlight on the role of corporate media in spreading pro-Israel narratives and minimizing the U.S. public’s access to accurate information about pro-Palestinian perspectives and those organizing in solidarity with Palestine. ... More