Private Sector Grows in Cuba

Edited by Juan Leandro
2014-03-11 14:55:18


The private sector of the Cuban Economy is growing every day as a worthy complement of successful State-run businesses. Given this, it is no anomaly, that the private sector enjoys full possibilities of technical training to enable it to be successful.

The updating of the Cuban Economic Model opens the possibility for the State to promote and enhance new production areas, both individual or cooperative, through the introduction of modern production techniques, capable of opening new job possibilities both in agriculture and in industry.

New opportunities are thus opened to tens of thousands of men and women, who can join in the production of material goods and become wage earners.

The Cuban Educational System has joined in this worthy effort. Medium and Superior Education centers have drafted new short term courses on modern production systems, food elaboration and marketing techniques.

The new courses, besides promoting the production skills of the students, aim at simultaneously enhancing the quality of products and services offered to the population.

A new business administration course is being offered by the University of Havana. The two month course is free of charge to students who meet the technical and educational requirements. The new course includes information and training on marketing, accounting, juridical and banking procedures, and other related information.

This initiative joins others promoted by the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba, which is offering private producers and small business entrepreneurs information about accounting, control of resources and financial procedures.

Such progressive training of private producers is in the interest of a society that is conducting gradual economic changes has been approved by the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Since October 2010 the new juridical procedures introduced at the time for the fostering of self-employment, have been updated twice.

Progressive improvement has been the response of the Cuban administration to requests made by the self-employed sector of the economy, whose demands are carefully evaluated and monitored before approved by the national authorities.

Some requests are still pending because of financial constraints But the almost 450,000 self employed persons in Cuba today know that their requests are being heard and resolved as economic possibilities allow.

The Cuban State is willing to enhance possibilities of producing the goods and services needed by the nation, and that the improvement of the skills of the self-employed, their techniques and efficiency will enhance a economic and social panorama that is continuously gaining in importance and quality.


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