It is not a mere phrase that the Caribbean can always count on Cuba, which has worked at all times to strengthen ties with its neighbors, with whom we are united by history, culture, customs and challenges such as climate change.... More

From the chair to the bench

The former ruler of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, also known by his initials JOH, practically went from occupying the presidential chair to sitting in the dock after his arrest at the request of the United States, where he is accused of drug trafficking and other crimes.... More

A hopeful verdict

For the first time in history, a firm of the U.S. military industrial complex, Remington Arms, agreed to pay compensation to a group of families who lost some of their members in a shooting where an assault rifle of that brand was used.... More

Solidarity arrives from Europe

Europeans once again bring their solidarity and support to the struggle waged for sixty years by the Cuban people for the lifting of the genocidal U.S. blockade, which hinders their socioeconomic development and their efforts to build a better country. ... More

VOX threat in Spain

After the recent regional elections in the community of Castilla y Leon, the largest and most affected by depopulation in Spain, the far-right party VOX could for the first time in its history become part of a government in the European country.... More

The Herald Sun newspaper, from the U.S. state of North Carolina, offered readers an unusual opportunity to learn about a health cooperation experience with Cuba, ignored in the United States.... More

Blaming someone else

The conclusion of a mission of UN experts on the spill of almost 12,000 barrels of oil by Repsol in Peru is not encouraging. The damage to the west coast of the South American country, whose authorities have denounced that the Spanish company is not complying with its responsibility, will last from six to 10 years.... More

Adapt or die?

Meetings began this week to analyze and elaborate the second part of the report by a group of UN experts on climate change, which contains the overwhelming warning that it is no longer just a matter of avoiding global warming, but of adapting to survive its consequences.... More

"Sickens, deforests and kills." This is how environmental organizations, Brazilian civil society and the political opposition describe the strategy of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to release a large amount of pesticides, in collusion with the agricultural sector, with a powerful presence in Congress.... More

On the road to reducing the deficit in the contributions of agriculture to the household table and obtaining food sovereignty, Cubans are paying attention to a national policy to channel such objectives, an endeavor in which they have the privilege of having as an advisor the Brazilian intellectual Frei Betto.... More

Playing with fire

The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the United States, Joseph Biden, as well as other leaders and officials talked about the tense situation around Ukraine, aggravated by false information about an imminent invasion by Moscow into the neighboring country.... More

Cuba's health system notes the attenuation of the recent wave caused by Omicron, a variant of COVID-19 that, as in the rest of the world, put this country under stress, although fortunately the progress of immunization brought its benefits.... More

Colombia never ceases to be in the news. A little more than a month and a half into this year, the high numbers of murders and massacres increase the concern that such actions will not have an immediate end and the worst days are yet to come.... More

Some people probably don't realize that the link with the different branches of the country's socioeconomic life begins in the classrooms of Cuban universities. With ideas, innovative visions, knowledge and projects, professors and students provide solutions to various problems, and once they graduate, they continue to contribute to the advancement and welfare of society from their jobs.... More

Dictated justice

This week in Rome, the Condor Process, by means of which the military and officials of Latin American countries implicated in the kidnapping and murder of citizens of Italian origin during the dictatorships of the second half of the 20th century were tried and sentenced, came to a definitive conclusion.... More