Helms Burton... again

At the end of 2022, a federal judge in Florida sanctioned four cruise lines, based in that U.S. state, to pay fines of more than 400 million dollars for including Cuba on their itineraries, a ruling that reaffirms -- in case anyone still doubts it -- the existence of Washington's blockade against the Cuban people.... More

Combining talent and efforts

Although the material circumstances are pressing, Cubans seek in 2023 to mitigate to some extent the difficulties, for which they believe in the validity of science and innovation.... More

Last November at the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, the then president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, expressed his commitment to the fight against climate change and the deforestation of the Amazon.... More

Encouraging news for Colombians

Colombians received 2023 with encouraging news.  The government of President Gustavo Petro agreed to a six-month bilateral ceasefire with five armed groups, which began on January 1st.... More

After a severe year with material availabilities, Cubans hope to temper difficulties in 2023 and internalize that they will only achieve the endeavor with their own strength.... More

New hope for Brazil

The year 2023 has brought hope for Brazil.  For the third time, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva has assumed the presidency of the South American giant, who has promised to work to rebuild a country with increasing levels of poverty, inequality, armed violence and deforestation of the Amazon.... More

Justice must act in Bolivia

The arrest of opposition leader in Bolivia Luis Fernando Camacho is far from representing, as the right wing and the corporate press claim, a kidnapping, given the list of charges against the governor of the wealthy department of Santa Cruz.... More

The year 2022 has been a year full of expressions of support for Cuba, coming from governments, personalities, people and solidarity organizations, which despite a complex international panorama, ratified that Cuba is not alone.... More

Decades after U.S. President Richard Nixon launched what he called the War on Drugs, the damage caused by that policy is still visible in Latin America, with an emphasis on violence and without analyzing the real causes of the problem.... More

Cuba and China maintain a fruitful collaboration in various areas such as education, which covers the different levels of education from early childhood, special education to technical-professional education.... More

Constructive social actions to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods continued in 2022.  The difficult economic situation generated by the more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reinforcement of the U.S. blockade did not prevent Cuba from continuing with its program to transform communities.... More

There is a tragedy that many prefer to remain silent, the one experienced by the children trapped in the midst of Israel's illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.  They are victims of Zionist repression and every day they see their right to life and physical integrity violated.... More

Although Cuba's international collaboration is important in the area of health, it also stands out in the area of education.... More

Colombia is working for peace

Since the 24th of December, a ceasefire declared unilaterally by the guerrilla ELN, National Liberation Army, came into effect, in a gesture of goodwill very well received by the government presided by Gustavo Petro and which has bet on total peace in Colombia.... More

Tobacco is coming back again

Every early morning in this unusually cold month of December, the vegueros of Pinar del Rio go through their tobacco plantations, in search of repairing the damages left by the devastating Hurricane Ian in that western Cuban province.... More