Economic Update August 06

Cuba’s Entry to the IMF and World Bank is Imminent, says IMF's Former Director Hector R. Torres who published an article on Tuesday in the Point of View section of website that reminds us that a few years ago was unimaginable to Cuba knocking on the doors of the IMF and World Bank.... More

Economic Update July 30

A Republican U.S. congressman filed a bill on Tuesday to eliminate the decades-long U.S. blockade on Cuba.... More

Economic Update July 23

A little known US bank, South Florida-based Stonegate, has become the first US financial institution to set up a correspondent banking relationship with a Cuban counterpart, a day after Washington and Havana finally reestablished diplomatic ties.... More

Economic Update July 16

Cuban President Raúl Castro noted that GDP was up 4.7% by the end of June, at the close of the plenary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power.... More

Economic Update July 09

US Carnival Cruise Corporation announced that it plans to begin offering trips to Cuba next May aboard its new social-mission-focused line fathom.... More

Economic Update July 02

Cuban lawmakers will analyze the results of the fight on crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline at the Cuban Parliament session, which was called for July 15th.... More

Economic Update June 25

Economy and Planning Minister Marino Murillo confirmed that Cuba's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow above 4% in the first half of 2015.... More

Economic Update June 18

Cuba and the European Union have made strides regarding commerce and cooperation in the 4th round of conversations that concluded on Tuesday in Brussels. Indeed, some common positions were found in subjects like political dialogue, according to the Cuban foreign ministry.... More

Economic Update June 11

Representatives of Cuba and Japan recently asserted in Havana that the existing cooperation projects in the agricultural sector contribute to boost the development of rice growing in the central Cuban provinces.... More

Economic Update May 28

The thaw in relations between the U.S. and Cuba has led to a stunning 36% increase in visits by Americans to the island, including thousands who are flying into Cuba from 3rd countries like Mexico to sidestep US restrictions on tourism.... More

Economic Update May 21

The Cuban Small Farmers' Association, founded by Fidel Castro 56 years ago, plays a front-line role in the ongoing update of the country's economy and it is stronger than ever before.... More

Economic Update May 14

Senior Cuban officials told participants at the recently concluded 10th World Economic Forum on Latin America that the government is eager to receive foreign investment, and has taken measures to make Cuba an attractive investment destination. The meeting was a historic one for the country, which has recently initiated diplomatic relations with the US after half a century.... More

Economic Update May 08

The case of Cuba must be distinguished because it opens to foreign investment but selects important items for the country and protects national jobs, highlighted in Havana Alicia Barcena, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).... More

Economic Update April 30

Tourists to Cuba jumped by 15% in the first quarter of 2015, and the trend is expected to hold for the rest of the year, the country's Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero said.... More

Economic Update April 16

Cuba has called for a new economic, financial and monetary order, where the interests and needs of the countries to the south and the majorities are included as priorities.... More