Trump endorses Bolsonaro's son as Brazilian ambassador

Edited by Ed Newman
2019-08-10 00:33:25


Washington, August 10 (RHC)-- The U.S. administration has announced that they have formally endorsed Eduardo Bolsonaro's nomination to the Brazilian embassy in Washington, as reported by Folha de Sao Paulo.

"Besides being an act of nepotism, it is the appointment of someone who will lead a strategic sector of the country's foreign relations [by assuming] a view in which Brazil must subordinate itself to the U.S. geopolitical and economic interests," local media Brazil 247 commented on Friday.

"In addition to not gathering the credentials for the post, as many Itamaraty diplomats have already pointed out, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, has already publicly demonstrated his commitment to the U.S. president's re-election in 2020."

According to the usual procedure, the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro will nominate now his son for the position before the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate.  Subsequently, if this commission accepts the nomination, his 35-year-old son must receive the support of 81 lawmakers before becoming Brazil's ambassador to Washington.

According to reports, the overwhelming majority of Brazilians are against senator Eduardo Bolsonaro's appointment to be Brazil's ambassador to the U.S.  The Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) senator Plinio Valorio, who supported former captain Bolsonaro in his 2018 presidential campaign, said on Friday that he will not vote for his son because he has no qualifications, an opinion which was shared by other PSDB lawmakers.

“I have a granddaughter who has been in Brasilia for two years getting ready to do [the exam to enter the diplomatic career] in Itamaraty.  What am I going to tell my granddaughter?  Do not study, no. Your grandfather is a senator and will try to appoint you?  What example would we give in endorsing such an appointment?,” Valorio said.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, a Social Liberal Party (PSL) federal lawmaker, is the South American representative of “The Movement,” a European-based organization which supports right-wing politicians and was founded by Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist.


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