Bolsonaro calls for impeachment of Brazilian Supreme Court judge

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-08-21 11:27:53


Brasilia, August 21 (RHC)-- Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has requested the Senate to open impeachment proceedings against Supreme Federal Court (STF) Justice Alexandre de Moraes, for ordering a new investigation against the president for spreading false news and attacks on democracy.

An official of the Planalto presidential palace was in charge of presenting to the Senate the petition, signed by Bolsonaro, to initiate the case against magistrate De Moraes.  In the letter to the Upper House, Bolsonaro alleged that De Moraes acts in an "inquisitorial" manner, with "partiality" and in a "partisan" manner by being "at the same time investigator, accuser and judge."

Bolsonaro announced on August 14 that he would request the opening of proceedings against several magistrates in the Senate. The argument would be that De Moraes and magistrate Luis Roberto Barroso, also head of the TSE, extrapolate the limits of the Constitution.

Judge Alexandre De Moraes, is the investigating judge of a new investigation in which President Bolsonaro is listed as a suspect and which seeks to find out the origin and financing of a group of Internet users who spread false content and attacks on the electoral system. 

The new case against Bolsonaro was unanimously approved by TSE ministers.  Jair Bolsonaro's request is part of his ongoing battle with the Judiciary, which in recent weeks has tightened its grip on the ruler and his allies for their campaign to discredit the Supreme Court and the electoral authorities.



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