Putin briefs Erdogan on situation in Russia

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2023-06-24 14:12:42


Vladimir Putin briefs Erdogan on the situation in Russia

Moscow, June 24 (RHC) Russian President Vladimir Putin today briefed his Türkiye counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the situation in the country, the Kremlin press service reported.

According to the information, the telephone conversation was held at the initiative of the Turkish side. Putin told Erdogan about the attempted armed rebellion organized by the leader of the Wagner armed group.

Erdogan expressed his support for the actions of the Russian leadership to control the situation, said the Kremlin press service after the end of the conversation between the two heads of state.

On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry labeled as false the audio and images spread on the Internet on behalf of the founder of the Russian private military company Wagner, Evgueni Prigozhin, about alleged attacks of the Army against the rear of contractors.

Following the publication of the audios attributed to Prigozhin, the Russian Federal Security Service opened a file for armed mutiny.

The Russian president, in his message to the nation, promised to bring to justice all those involved in the attempted armed mutiny, calling what happened a "stab in the back", and to do everything possible to ensure the security of the people and preserve the state.

In the message to the Russian people, the president said that they will protect their citizens and the state against all external or internal threats.

Putin added that actions to protect his country from similar threats will be "forceful".

The Russian president maintains that his country is fighting a battle for its future and recalled that the entire military, economic, and information machine of the West is directed against Russia. (Source: PL)


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