Israel launches missile attack on outskirts of Damascus, killing Syrian civilians

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-01-29 11:52:19


Damascus, January 29 (RHC)-- The Israeli regime has launched a deadly missile attack on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus as the occupying entity continues its brutal ground and air aggression against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Syrian media said the strikes targeted an area near the Sayeda Zeinab shrine in a southern suburb of Damascus on Monday, with initial reports putting the number of civilians killed at two in addition to material damage.

The Syrian Defense Ministry confirmed in a short statement the reports of the Israeli regime’s strikes and said, “In the Zionist regime’s aggression, some places in the south of Damascus were targeted, which led to the martyrdom and wounding of several civilians.”

Syria's official news agency SANA reported that the airstrike was launched from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and targeted several locations in southern Damascus.

Iranian military advisors have been assassinated in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood by Israeli airstrikes in recent weeks.  Syrian sources said the Monday attack was a failed attempt by the Israeli regime to assassinate more members of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in that area.

Initial reports claimed that the Israeli strikes had targeted a center belonging to Iranian military advisors in Syria but Iran's Ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari said in a post on X that no Iranian military advisor was killed in the new Israeli aggression.  

“Today's attack by the Zionist regime’s fighter jets on the southern outskirts of Damascus did not target any advisory center of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and no Iranian citizens or advisors were martyred,” Hossein Akbari, Iran's ambassador to Syria, said in a post on his X social media account.

“The indiscriminate attacks of the Zionists will not disrupt the resolve of the Axis of Resistance,” Akbari added.

Seyyed Razi Mousavi, who was serving as an IRGC military advisor in Syria, was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the same neighborhood of Damascus last month.  Mousavi was one of the companions of Iran's top anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the IRGC, who was martyred along with his companions in a US drone strike on January 3, 2020.

The Israeli regime has assassinated several high-ranking officials from the resistance front in Syria and Lebanon over the past month.  

The Israeli regime launched its devastating war in the Gaza Strip on October 7th after the territory’s Hamas-led Palestinian resistance groups carried out a surprise retaliatory attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying entity.

The Israeli military has also been conducting attacks against the Lebanese territory since then, prompting retaliatory strikes from Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The movement has vowed to keep up its retaliatory operations as long as the Tel Aviv regime continues its onslaught on Gaza.

Israel has killed more than 26,400 people, most of them children and women, in Gaza since early October.



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