Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer Orders Spying on Dilma's PT Party

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-06-06 16:03:19


Brasilia, June 6 (RHC)-- Brazilian interim president Michel Temer has ordered the Institutional Security Office -- an agency tasked with providing intelligence and spying services to the country’s president and his cabinet -- to spy on President Dilma Rousseff and her Worker's Party (PT), claiming they have been behind the protests against his unelected government.  

Several observers questioned if such move was constitutionally legal and whether Temer is allowed to use the intelligence agency to monitor an opposition political party and its members.

Temer office also announced that his appearances and public events will only be made public at the last minute in a bid to avoid protests against him or against his government which have become a regular occurrence since he took office on May 12th.  

He assumed the position of acting president after the country’s senate voted last month to suspend President Rousseff for 180 pending a trial by the Supreme Court over corruption allegations.

Protests around the installed president are fueled by a series of new leaked recordings that reveal that members of his cabinet and other key opposition figures schemed to use Rousseff’s ouster as a way to put a stop to corruption investigations targeting many of her rivals.

Unions have called the removal of Rousseff a "coup against the working class," while the former head of the now-defunct Ministry of Women, Racial Equality, and Human Rights, Nilma Lino Gomes, labeled it a multidimensional coup with gender, race, and class consequences.






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