New York Times says that despite restrictions, Americans can still travel to Cuba

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-10-02 09:19:34


New York, October 2 (RHC)-- US citizens can still visit Cuba under the category of 'support for Cuban people', either independently or on an accompanying tour, The New York Times says.

In an article entitled 'Seven things you need to know about going to Cuba now', the newspaper recalled the Trump administration, as part of its ongoing economic blockade against the island, announced in June new rules for Americans traveling to the Caribbean country.

Such measures include a ban on cruise ships and the elimination of one of the 12 categories under which people of the neighboring territory were allowed to visit: that of educational and cultural trips known as 'people to people'.

Despite the new restrictions, the Times remarked it is still possible to go to Cuba through the “support to the people category,” which requires Americans spend money at non-state businesses during their trip.

Other tips the New York Times provides its readers with include that tourist cards, equivalent to a visa, can be obtained through a simple process at the gate before boarding their plane bound to Cuba.

It also advises prospective travelers to carry a lot of cash since US dollars are not accepted in Cuba and that local A.T.M.s do not accept US-issued cards because of the blockade.

The Times offered information on other matters such as the exchange rate, the monetary duality of the Antillean nation and the fact that air tickets of US airlines flying to Cuba include a fee paid for health insurance during the stay.

Numerous voices in the United States have denounced the current travel ban to Cuba imposed on US nationals as a violation of the right of Americans to freely travel.




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