Problems and Challenges of the Left were Discussed in Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-02-11 19:33:43



Havana, Feb 11 (RHC) The challenges of the progressive forces in today's world will be the focus of analysis at the First International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Parties and Political Movements of the Left, to be held this Friday at the Casa de las Americas cultural center in the capital.


The event, which will be held until next Sunday, counts on the participation of almost a hundred personalities from 36 countries and some 40 Cuban intellectuals and academics, convened by the magazine Cuba Socialista, the theoretical and political organ of the Communist Party of Cuba.


The meeting will reflect in plenary sessions on topics such as the new world geopolitical configuration, socialism and youth, solidarity, and unity of the left, and the legacy of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.


The global scenario characterized by the multidimensional crisis of capitalism, aggravated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a growing inequality that hits the masses, the resurgence of the cold war, soft coups and military interventions, and media manipulation will also be analyzed.


In the opinion of organizers and participants, in this context, it is urgent to instill concepts based on values such as solidarity, equity, and social development from the defense and respect for the individual and collective rights of human beings.


In statements to the press, Enrique Ubieta, director of Cuba Socialista, considered very positive the response to the call with the presence of personalities such as the Argentinean Atilio Borón and the Spanish Ignacio Ramonet, among other outstanding intellectuals, politicians, media directors, and leaders of left-wing parties in Latin America.


Cuba Socialista magazine was founded in September 1961 by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, after declaring the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution on April 16 of that same year. (Source:  Prensa Latina)


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