Cuba supports quality and equitable education

Edited by Catherin López
2023-02-14 06:55:33


International conference on digital education. Photo: PL


Beijing, Feb 14 (RHC) Speaking at the international conference on digital education being held in China, Cuban Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira expressed his willingness to support and collaborate with all countries committed to a quality, equitable, prosperous, and diverse educational future.


The Cuban diplomat considered that cooperation alliances and solidarity among nations are key to achieve tangible results in an interconnected world.


He stressed that the educational processes of the present and future must contemplate a digital transformation within a framework of equal opportunities, free of discrimination, where no one is left behind, and where there are sustainable options for all.


He stressed the challenge of fostering the formation of new generations capable of providing creative, innovative, and inclusive solutions in the context of systemic and multidimensional crises that threaten human survival, universal rights, and the planet.



Pereira valued the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as a before and after in the ways of understanding and implementing teaching-learning practices since the massive closure of institutions affected 1.6 billion students worldwide.



He indicated that Cuba adopted government policies from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education that facilitated the rapid migration of all the country's institutions towards distance education.


"All this effort was made despite the enormous impact of the blockade that the United States has imposed on my country for more than 60 years. This is a policy with a high impact on the educational sector, from elementary school to university level, including special education," he pointed out.


He also mentioned how the U.S. position prevents the use of information and communication technologies, access to documentation, and many international events in this sector.


The international conference on digital education will be held this Monday and tomorrow in Beijing with 800 delegates from China and more than a hundred countries and global organizations.


It includes discussions in four thematic forums, the publication of reports on the Asian giant's educational plans, and a showcase of the use of technology for instruction. (Source: PL)


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