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U.S.-sponsored conference in Poland targets Iran

An international conference was held in Poland, convened by the United States, with the alleged aim of bringing peace and stability to the Middle East, an area where most of the problems are the result of interventionist policies fostered by the U.S., and, most importantly, by Washington’s main ally in that area: Israel.
The topics included on the agenda -- besides cyber-security, terrorism, the proliferation of missiles and the threats by irregular groups – covered the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and Syria.  It's interesting that the meeting was attended by those responsible for these two very serious situations and that no significant measures for peace were issued by the participants.

In fact, if U.S. troops would leave Syria and end its support for the terrorist groups operating in that country, and if Saudi Arabia immediately stops its atrocious bombings of Yemen which it carries out with U.S support, then we all would be able to speak of progress towards peace and security in that area.

But none of these practical and effective solutions were discussed at that meeting.  To be frank, the meeting had other goals, as shown by its participants in the Polish capital. They were Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates -- plus the so-called Yemeni Government in Exile, which gladly joined those plans for the extermination of its own people.

What Washington and Tel Aviv were really seeking in that meeting was to mobilize support for the U.S. decision to exit from the nuclear agreement with Iran and tighten sanctions against the Persian nation.  By the way, Iran was not even invited, despite the fact that it undoubtedly plays a key role in the solution of the problems in that region of the world.

The Palestine Liberation Organization declared that such meeting was not a case of serious diplomacy, and the PLO's spokeswoman, Ms. Hanan Ashrawi, declared that it was just another showcase of U.S. intentions to fully control that strategic area of the world.         The U.S.-sponsored meeting was hosted by Poland, which is trying to obtain from the White House the installation of a U.S. military base on Polish territory.

Within the framework of this meeting, Poland signed an agreement with Washington for the purchase of twenty powerful missile launchers, that will be delivered with the expiration date of 2023.

And the questions immediately arise: Who is fostering the proliferation of missiles in the world?  Who has turned virtually all Yemeni cities and other populated areas in Syria into mounds of smoking rubble?  Which country conducts the planned genocide against the Palestinian people?  Answer those questions and any conference on peace and security will immediately identify the true culprits of so much destruction and the massacre of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians around the world.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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