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The victory parade

Delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Square in Moscow was the scenario of the Victory Parade, organized to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and freeing the world from the living hell of the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler.

On May 2, 1945 the Red Army took Berlin and six days later the German high command unconditionally surrendered to the Soviet Union, but the SARS COV-2 crisis made it impossible to hold a proper celebration last month.

President Vladimir Putin noted that the world would have been very different without the Red Army’s accomplishments and made a call to protect and defend the truth about the Great Patriotic War.

Many people wrongly believe that the Western allies -- the United States and the United Kingdom -- were the ones who won the battle in an attempt to hide the huge sacrifice of the Soviet people, who suffered the loss of more than 27 million.

As the Russian people had done with the Napoleon’s armies in 1812, in December 1941, the Soviet Union prevented the powerful units from taking Moscow and forced them to retreat, putting an end to the myth of the "blitzkrieg" and German invincibility.

The 900 resistance days in Leningrad, today Saint Petersburg; the 600 days in Stalingrad, currently known as Volgograd; the defense of Sevastopol, Minsk, Odessa, the Brest Fortress and many other places, defeated the powerful Nazi armed forces.

Despite the extraordinary human and economic losses, the Soviet people not only expelled the enemy from their territory, as President Putin recalled: "They freed European states from the invaders, put an end to the holocaust tragedy, and saved the German people from Nazism, their deadly ideology."

No one can dispute the fact that the Red Army’s victories in Eastern Europe accelerated the Allied landing on Normandy coasts, France, an operation that had been deferred with countless arguments.

These facts should be taught in schools all over the world, so that the new generations will know what actually happened in this universal conflagration.

Also, to understand the cruelty and futility of war as a way to resolve differences or take what does not belong to them.

As long as humankind does not assimilate this information, we will continue to live on the brink of disaster and doomed to repeat the sad and tragic history of the past.

Edited by Ed Newman
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