Protesters Around the World Rally for Women's Rights

London, January 23 (RHC)-- Hundreds of thousands of people marched in cities around the world this weekend to show support for women's rights and anger over the election of President Donald Trump. 

While the largest demonstration was undoubtedly in Washington, DC, protests also took place throughout the United States and more than 600 cities across the world.  The protesters came out for a range of reasons, including immigration, health care and a general antipathy to Trump.  But most said they wanted to show support for women and feared that there will be attacks on women's rights during Trump's presidency. 

An estimated total of two million people demonstrated in cities throughout the United States.  In Boston, 120,000 to 125,000 people protested, according to a police aerial photo analysis cited by a senior Boston Police official.  Police said the crowd there was too big for the march route and could not proceed because "it would be like a snake eating its tail." 

In Los Angeles, more than 100,000 people marched, police said.  So many people crammed into the streets that "our march turned into a stand," said Ellen Crafts, an organizer for the Los Angeles protest. 

Demonstrators in New York City marched toward Trump Tower -- the President's main residence when he's not in the White House -- but were blocked at Fifth Avenue.  Police said 20,000 people protested in Houston, and at least 60,000 in Oakland. 

People gathered to demonstrate in most major cities around the world, including London, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Australia; Pristina, Kosovo, Moscow, Berlin and Mexico City -- often in front of U.S. embassies.  In Athens, Greece, protesters included refugees from Elliniko Camp, located in the old Athens airport.  Demonstrations against Trump's presidency were also held in Canada, Japan, France, India, Kenya and Ghana, among others. 

There was even a protest in Antarctica -- with about 30 eco-minded tourists and non-government scientists aboard a ship in international waters hoisted signs saying "Penguins for Peace" and "Seals for Science," organizers said. 

Edited by Ed Newman


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