Evo Morales: Bolivia Succeeds in Fight Against Drug-trafficking after DEA Expulsion

La Paz, January 31 (RHC)--President Evo Morales said that after nine years after the expulsion from his country of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bolivia shows much better results in the fight against drug trafficking.

'With the DEA in Bolivia, 50,000 hectares of coca were registered. In 2016, according to UN data, 23,000 were registered”, he stressed through his Twitter account.

Morales added that Bolivians are having more success in the fight against drug trafficking without the presence of the United States.

He recalled that on January 30, 2009, the DEA finally abandoned the country, after the expiration of the deadline given to it by the Bolivian government to leave.

"There were 35 years of continuous interference under the pretext of their so called  war on drugs and drug trafficking," the president said.

In another twit Morales noted that "the DEA was an instrument of endless abuses against the dignity and sovereignty of Bolivia." In the past, he said, it manipulated the Bolivian law enforcement forces and authorities at its will.

He also denounced that the US Agency was used as a tool to spy on his government and to finance groups of criminals that conspired to overthrow him.

In recent years, the Bolivian government has strengthened the fight against the illegal cultivation of coca and its contraband, for which it has  allocated millions of dollars and technological equipment.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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