Chicago police shoot and kill Black on-duty security guard

Chicago police shoot and kill Black on-duty security guard.  Photo: Democracy Now

Chicago, November 15 (RHC)-- In the Chicago suburb of Midlothian, a Black security officer was shot and killed by a white police officer Sunday as he was restraining a shooting suspect while on duty at a bar.  

Twenty-six-year-old Jemel Roberson reportedly grabbed and held a bar patron to the ground after the patron opened fire early Sunday morning. When police officers arrived on the scene, witnesses say Roberson was immediately shot, despite people at the bar screaming that he was a security guard.  At the time, Roberson was armed and held a valid gun owner’s license. 

One patron who witnessed the killing said the cops “saw a Black man with a gun, and shot him.”  An autopsy Monday concluded that Roberson’s death was a homicide.  Roberson was father of a 9-month-old son named Tristan; his partner, Avontea Boose, is pregnant with their second child.  His family has filed a lawsuit against the local police department.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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