Search for survivors underway after Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas

Nassau, September 3 (RHC)-- Rescue operations are underway throughout the Bahamas for survivors of the devastating storm that hit the Caribbean nation.  

United Nations and Red Cross relief officials rushed to deal with an unfolding humanitarian crisis in Hurricane Dorian's wake Tuesday after the most powerful storm ever to hit the Bahamas devastated thousands of homes, crippled hospitals and trapped people in attics.   At least five deaths were reported, with the full scope of the disaster still unknown.

Relief workers reported scenes of utter ruin, while emergency authorities struggled to reach victims amid conditions too dangerous even for rescue workers, and urged people to hang on.

Much of the islands now resemble a wasteland.  Homes torn inside out, cars destroyed, trees stripped and toppled, residential streets now rushing rivers.  

Major infrastructure has been rendered useless.  The Grand Bahama International Airport, for example, is under water.  Observers say that's just one of the challenges rescuers face in the midst of such destruction.

In Nassau, the airport is acting as the staging area for the rescue efforts as they bring people in from the Abaco Islands.  Conditions were poor on Tuesday, but they were able to bring back a small number of people so far.   Relief agencies hope conditions improve on Wednesday, so they can save more lives.

Edited by Ed Newman


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