Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Bills Israeli Taxpayers $540,000 for 5-Day Trip to U.S.

Tel Aviv, June 17 (RHC)-- Israel’s Office of the Prime Minister is still considering approval of a $540,000 bill for a five-day trip by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to New York, which included $1,750 for makeup, $1,600 for hair and $20,000 for moving hotel furniture.

The office and the foreign ministry fought against releasing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s expenses on his September 29th to October 4th visit last year to the United Nations in New York, but the tab has now been released after a lawsuit.

The report does not disclose the expenses of Israel's First Lady, who may face arrest for wasting public funds.  Netanyahu is also notorious for his spending habits, including a $127,000 “resting chamber” on a flight to London and other allegations from staff that surface almost monthly.

The bill, reports Haaretz, includes $60.60 for a copy of a newspaper that is free on-line, a $6,900 “special cleaning fee” that was later redacted and a $3,000 cash withdrawal.  The prosecutor’s office deleted “a few items on the table, for security reasons and to protect the privacy of the employees” that accompany Netanyahu, wrote the prosecutor.

Netanyahu is facing several corruption investigations, including lavish spending at his private residence, allegedly receiving foreign funding for trips abroad during his time as foreign minister and receiving illegal campaign funds from French fraudster, Arnaud Mimran. 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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