Sierra Leone's Health Minister Welcomes 165 Cuban Medics in the Fight against Ebola

Freetown, October 10 (RHC) -– Sierra Leone's Health and Sanitation Minister, Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah, has praised the Cuban Government for aiding his country in the fight to contain the Ebola outbreak.

Delivering his keynote address at the welcome ceremony of the 165 Cuban Medical doctors, nurses and administrators at the Miatta Conference Centre in Freetown, Dr. Fofanah noted the long standing bilateral relationship between the two countries characterized by mutual respect since the days of the late Siaka Stevens, former President of Sierra Leone.

He said the coming of the Cubans has been demonstrated by the love for their profession, and dedication to saving lives, adding that their image and bravery will be noted in the annals of the history of Sierra Leone.

Dr. Fofanah described Ebola as deadly, and new to the country, and to the health professionals. He lamented the outbreak, noting that it came at a time when the country’s economy was growing fast with high infrastructural and human resource development.

The Minister encouraged health professionals to join the fight, and called on people to report symptoms early as there are chances of survival. He condemned stigmatization against people affected by the disease, pointing out that survivors must be embraced in society as they are no longer a source of infection.

Dr. Fofanah thanked the government and people of Cuba, and expressed optimism of emerging victorious in the fight to contain the disease.

Meanwhile, The Cuban Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Jorge Nicolas, described the Ebola disease as a threat not only to Sierra Leone and West Africa but to the whole world. A killer disease, he said, that has the potential to destroy humanity and all that has to do with the development of a nation.


Edited by Juan Leandro


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