Laura's red carpet invitation to Argentina

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-04-06 10:09:46


By Roberto Morejón

Javier Milei must be pleased with the lavish gestures of cordiality from the head of the U.S. Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, vehement with the open alignment of Buenos Aires with Washington, since the inauguration of the ultra-liberal Argentinean president.

The former airline pilot was in Argentina for the third time and, without any qualms, confessed the purposes of the trip, among them to prevent, reduce or reverse agreements between Latin American countries and China.

It does not matter that these ties imply a mutually advantageous relationship, since the administration of the northern country does not want other presences south of the Rio Bravo.

In a recent 41-page written statement presented in her country, the high-ranking U.S. official referred to China more than 100 times, which is why she is now expressing concern during her trip to Argentina.

The uniformed official says she is concerned about the progress in the construction of the Antarctic Logistics Pole, in Tierra del Fuego, in view of what Washington considers the possible participation of China in its financing.

Richardson and her government are also worried about the space base that China maintains in the province of Neuquén, in spite of the clarity of its purposes, for the good of the interests of both nations.

The guest expected to find an ardent reception in Argentina, and so it was. The President even traveled more than three thousand kilometers to meet his guest in Tierra del Fuego.

Without paying attention to the protests of former combatants of the Malvinas war to denounce what they consider a renunciation of Argentine sovereignty, the ultra-right-wing Head of State highlighted what he called "natural affinity" with the tenants of the White House.

"My priority is to be an ally of the United States", said Milei in an interview with CNN.

It is not surprising, then, that Richardson was given the red carpet and presented with a purchase of 24 warplanes from Denmark, as part of a contract sponsored by U.S. Ambassador Marc Stanley.

This was a way of worshipping the head of the Southern Command, who at a conference of the Atlantic Council, linked to NATO, confessed her interest in Latin America because, as she pointed out, it has rich resources, rare earth elements and lithium.

Satisfied with her stay, the Commander revealed that she will detail to President Joseph Biden what she called "Argentina's contagious positive spirit".


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