Indignation Grows Over Burning of Palestinian Baby

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-08-03 14:51:59


The news about the death of a Palestinian baby roasted alive during the burning of his home set on fire by Zionist extremists has sparked widespread indignation since it is the result of a new expression of hatred sponsored by the Israeli rulers of that Palestine territory.

Although Israeli officials have condemned this horrendous crime and, in an official statement, incredibly described it as a quote “terrorist act” unquote, none of the authors have been arrested despite the fact that they left at the crime scene a Star of David and the Word “revenge!” written in Hebrew.

Everybody agrees that this horrible crime is the work of extremist Jewish  settlers who are the virtual owners of the territory and act as they please against the native Arab population.
In certain instances, these right wing colonist patrols have attacked units of the Israeli Army of occupation.

Besides the Palestinian baby burned alive, other members of his family suffered very serious burns and are in critical condition. One other young member of the family could lose both of his legs, suffering severe burns by the fire.

Even if this was an action of extreme cruelty, it is not lamentably an isolated case. A few hours later, in the city of Ramalah, a teenager was killed by Zionist Army fire during the repression of a protest march over the killing of the eighteen month old Palestinian baby by Jewish extremists.

These Jewish hate groups have become a real danger because of their rapid growth, which is not at all casual. In fact, they grow out of the hatred by extremist Jewish leaders who, despite international agreements, are bent on preventing the creation of a Palestinian State with the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its capital city.

Lets recall that in the summer of 2014, the Israel Government unleashed a repressive operation against the Gaza Strip called Protective Margin, with indiscriminate bombings that lasted over fifty days and left two thousand one hundred and forty three Palestinians dead and eleven thousand five hundred others wounded, all of them among the civilian population. Many children and adolescents were among the victims.

In one of the most horrendous of such Zionist attacks, a Jewish Patrol Boat opened fire and killed four Palestinian children playing in the sand on a beach.

Despite the international condemnation of such a brutal, uncalled for attack, the Government of Tel Aviv filed the report on the attack and the Patrol Boat murderers got off scott-free.

The international community proved itself incapable of passing a sanction for these crimes, mostly because the United States opposed any punishment for those Israeli crimes against men, women and children from Palestine.

In face of this impunity, it is not strange that the extremist groups among the Jewish settlers, mostly composed by young thugs, should feel free to continue their criminal actions.

True enough, the world was moved by the photos of the charred remains of the Palestinian baby roasted alive in his crib.

But it still remains to be seen if this horrendous sight is capable of mobilizing the needed strength to say enough, and force Israel and its backers to accept civilized norms of living, the only ones that can guarantee peace in the Middle East.


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