The ghost of Julian Assange

Despite being detained, silenced, and hidden from public view in the maximum security Belmarsh prison for the past five years, as the day of his extradition draws near, the spectre of Julian Assange looms ever larger over the politics of the AUKUS lands.... More

Cuba's universities, with their great scientific-technological potential, are increasingly expanding their participation in socioeconomic development, a strategy encouraged by the government to contribute to the advancement of the nation and the welfare of its citizens.... More

Germany: The Roots of Evil

German society has been shaken in recent days by a series of demonstrations rejecting the resurgence of extreme right-wing forces, nostalgic for the Nazi regime that led the world in the last century to one of the worst massacres known in the recent history of mankind.... More

The first general strike in Argentina since 2019 found in power an ultraliberal, Javier Milei, bent on convincing of the benefits, according to him, of blindly disavowing the state. ... More

The recent signing between Cuba and India of agreements in the area of telecommunications is a sign of the interest and willingness of both parties to continue strengthening bilateral relations, which date back more than six decades.... More

Cuba reaffirmed its possibilities of reaching consensus in favor of multilateralism during its pro tempore presidency of the Group of 77 and China, a one-year period recently concluded.... More

Xiomara Castro is about to complete two years in the presidency of Honduras, in which she has had to deal with multiple challenges given the critical economic and social situation of the country, after more than a decade of neoliberal governments.... More

In the next few hours, Javier Milei will face the first general strike in his almost recently inaugurated presidency of Argentina. Social, political and trade union organizations have expressed their support to the protest against the government's so-called Decree of Necessity and Urgency and the Omnibus Law.... More

Did perfect democracy fail?

Although there are few who believe the tale of the perfect American democracy, that country likes to present itself as such before the international community, although now it seems to be heading for a fiasco so big that it will put a definitive end to that fable.... More

Born in Miami, Republican Representative María Elvira Salazar is desperately trying to make you believe in her alleged erudition about the reality of Cuba.... More

Fifteen years ago, Bolivia became a Plurinational, free, independent, sovereign, democratic and intercultural State, endorsed in the new Constitution of 2009, approved in a referendum by more than 61% of Bolivians.... More

Wake up Europe?

After months of an ominous lack of condemnation of the genocide perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, some signs have finally arrived from the European Union that the population and some officials of this integrating mechanism are beginning to wake up.... More

Billionaire Elon Musk, owner of the social network X, and the International Monetary Fund praised the fiery pro-market speech of Argentina's ultra-right-wing president, Javier Milei, in Switzerland, and his fierce measures against the State in his country.  ... More

Cuba hands over to Uganda the pro tempore presidency of the Group of 77 and China, a responsibility it has held since January last year and which it assumed with the will to work in favor of the aspirations of the nations of the South... More

The NAM, the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, of which Cuba is a founding member, is meeting in Uganda and in which the historic leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, undoubtedly left a deep imprint. For many, he maintained the unity of the bloc under a new leadership.... More