The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place next November in Egypt, a new opportunity to jointly agree on more ambitious actions to put a brake on this threat facing the world.... More

Cuban science has undoubtedly earned a relevant place worldwide. Its high development is recognized by nations, outstanding institutions, experts and specialized publications. It has also made it possible for Cubans and citizens of other nationalities to benefit from medicines created by our researchers.... More

Cuba always committed to peace

Under the presidency of Gustavo Petro, Colombia is opening up to peace. And once again Cuba has been chosen to host talks on this path, now between the government of the South American country that took office on the seventh of August and the insurgent ELN, National Liberation Army.... More

A man who transcended borders

Men like Fidel Castro transcend their era and the borders of the country where they are born. Never better expressed than in the words of the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, when he affirmed that "Fidel does not belong only to Cuba, he belongs to this world of ours, to this America of ours..."... More

I believe in you

Today, August 12, is International Youth Day, in which the historic leader of the Cuban revolution always placed his total confidence. Fidel Castro made clear his " deep conviction that great tasks can be placed on the shoulders of youth."... More

In the messages of solidarity to Cuba for the situation created in the city of Matanzas, as a result of the fire of great proportions in the supertanker base, an old demand stands out: the end of the U.S. blockade against the Cuban people.... More

In view of the large-scale fire at the supertanker base in the western city of Matanzas, Cuban authorities are closely monitoring the environmental conditions to preserve the health of the citizens and to know its impact on biodiversity.... More

Immense solidarity with Cuba

Cuba is going through complex and painful days due to the fire of great proportions in the industrial zone of Matanzas; but Cubans, and especially the people of Matanzas, are not alone.  Countless are the messages of support from governments, peoples, personalities, institutions and organizations that have not stopped arriving.... More

All of Cuba with Matanzas

Beyond the countless signs of encouragement, Cubans have mobilized from Cape San Antonio to Punta de Maisi to offer their solidarity aid to Matanzas, after the fire of great proportions in the supertanker base of that western city caused by the impact last Friday of a lightning strike on one of the fuel tanks.... More

Cubans have for their consideration another draft bill, related to communications, on which they can express their opinions, as part of the democratic process.... More

Chile's fight for a Constitution

In my commentary published on March 21, 2019, I said that the phrase "lie, lie that something remains" has gone through history with numerous paternities, but it is still in the instruction manual of unscrupulous politicians, useful fools or useful not so dumb ones.... More

Option for the truth

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO by his initials, ordered the Secretary of the Navy to open its archives as part of the investigations into the so-called "dirty war", a dark period in the recent history of that country.... More

The purchase of foreign currency through the banking system constituted one of the obligatory topics for Cubans in their conversations, in the expectation that the procedure together with almost 70 other provisions will help boost the economy, in the midst of an accentuated deficit of products in the local market.... More

Absurd provocation

Without any need, the U.S. government made a regrettable false step with the visit to Taiwan of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which has probably damaged forever Washington's already precarious relations with China.... More

In the midst of accentuated material restrictions, the Cuban economy is trying to find ways towards its empowerment, when some global indexes show signs in the right direction.... More