Cuba’s digital platform Tempo Cubano pays homage to composer and percussionist Enrique Bonne on his 94th birthday

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2020-06-10 12:18:48


Cuba’s digital platform Tempo Cubano paid homage to Cuban composer and percussionist Enrique Bonne, on occasion of his 94th birthday this June 15th. Tempo Cubano streamed the album ‘Enrique Bonne entre la trova y el son.’

Considered one of the most illustrious composers of popular Cuban music of all time, Bonne is the author of more than 200 works, covering a wide range of Cuban rhythms, including son, bolero, guaracha, cha-cha-cha. Many of his compositions were immortalized by other renowned Cuban and foreign figures for the world of music, among them Pacho Alonso, Fernando Álvarez, Aragón Orchestra, Celia Cruz, Caridad Hierrezuelo, Lola Flores, Jorge Muñiz, Ismael Rivera, La Original de Manzanillo, Luís Carbonell, Ramón Calzadilla, Rosita Fornés and Johnny Ventura.

His compositions include, "Yo no quiero piedras en mi camino," "Que me digan feo," "A cualquiera se le muere un tío," "Alguien como tú," and "Que no se apague la vela" among others.

Besides his career as an established musician, Enrique Bonne was a founder of television in eastern Santiago de Cuba, where he worked as program director and performed multiple tasks for almost 20 years. He worked also as a radio announcer.

Launched and run jointly by the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Music Institute, Tempo Cubano aims to make productions from the vast catalog of Cuba’s record and musical editions company EGREM available to Cuban and foreign audiences. It has already presented 15 productions by Cuban musicians on social media, garnering more than 70 thousand views from internet users in 52 countries.


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