Book illustrates Cuban women's resilience in the face of COVID-19

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-09-26 14:32:26


 Talking Among Ourselves Women in times of Covid-19

Havana, September 26 (RHC)-- Through the testimonies of 56 protagonists from different spheres of Cuban social life, writer Irma María Bernal reveals today the resilience of women in times of crisis.

The author of the book Conversando entre nosotras, Las mujeres en tiempos de COVID-19 (Talking Among Ourselves, Women in Times of Covid-19), presents in these pages their experiences during two years (2020-2022), under the seal Ediciones Acuario, attached to the Félix Varela Center.

According to the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center, to which Bernal belongs, the title gathers the voices of women from all over the island, with different ages, professions or trades, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and skin color, who transmitted their experiences during the confinement due to the pandemic.

Among the topics addressed in the volume are those associated with childhood, adolescence, job performance, gender violence, machismo, harassment, abortion, religion, the new Family Code and the impact of the health crisis.

The common denominator of the text is "the resilience of Cuban women, whose work contributes to the construction of an inclusive and equitable society", says Gabriel Coderch in the back cover note.

For his part, historian Julio César González-Pagés asserted the validity of the research work carried out, which despite the adverse conditions, bet on making visible the voices of people who are not usually protagonists.

Likewise, the Facebook profile of Articulación Juvenil del Centro Oscar Arnulfo Romero highlights the coherence of the stories, which speak of rights, participation, equity, inclusion, empowerment, while making the reader identify with these experiences.

Names such as Oderay Nápoles Quintanilla, Liliana Lam, Isel Calzadilla Acosta, Yeni Turiño, Rochy Ameneiro and Magda González Grau appear in the pages of the book.


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