Cuba's La Colmenita shows love and children's artistic magic in Brazil

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-06-16 10:24:05


La Colmenita in Brazil

Brasilia, June 16 (RHC)--  La Colmenita, Cuban children's theater company, directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata, showed for the first time in Brazil its love and artistic magic.

"Thanks to an invitation from the Landless Movement (MST) we were able to come not only to Brazil, but also to Ceará, a state in the northeast, where we were able to do a version of the staging of our Cucarachita Martina," Cremata told Prensa Latina.

He explained that, with the children of a very distant school, in particular with the elementary school children of Quixeramobim, in the Sertão Central region of Ceará, "we were able to stage the first act of the Cucarachita to which we incorporated a tin band from the school itself".

With an excited voice, the founder of La Colmenita admitted that the experience was "the beginning of a path, which proved fruitful in other countries", to use art, mainly theater, as a pretext to form values in everyone, children and adults.

But, he stressed, "the most important thing is not the assembly with the school children, who were immensely happy, but the fact that we worked with facilitators of Brazilian education, members of the MST, and they gave us hope that this way of doing things can be extended".

In addition, he continued, way that can be shared with more children in Brazil and above all be useful to the MST, to the Brazilian people and to the children's culture.

"We are very happy with what has been achieved and there is a potential to multiply this pedagogical and artistic form for many children in Brazil," expressed the director of the company, which was founded on February 14, 1990.

He recalled that La Colmenita founded similar groups, not only in all the municipalities of Havana, Cuba's capital, but also in other provinces of the island and other countries.

He mentioned Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, El Salvador and Venezuela.

"It was a big dream to try it in Brazil. To come because of the great affinity there is between our peoples and cultures", he stressed.

In its official page, the MST indicates that it received the company and "the exchange had as a priority objective to know the methodology and work philosophy of "Las Colmenitas", a project that is worldwide recognized for its effectiveness in the formation of humanist values, with international recognition by the United Nations Children's Fund".

During such reciprocity, the experiences of the MST on the issue of culture in childhood, including aspects of the political struggle, the community, the territories and the Popular Agrarian Reform, were learned.

The above, "sharing with educators the work with art in schools and preparing them to assume the role of multipliers of the La Colmenita project".(Source:PL)


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