European expert will advise Cuban bartenders

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2024-01-23 11:17:59


European expert will advise Cuban bartenders


Havana, Jan 23 (RHC) The vice president of the Portuguese Bartenders Association and European Bartender Judge, Miguel Duarte Bárbora, will advise Cuban gastronomic professionals.

A report from the Association of Bartenders of Cuba (ACC) informed this Tuesday that Duarte will give a training course in the freestyle or flair modality in this island, to increase the knowledge and skills of bartenders.

The president of the ACC, Eddis Naranjo, explained that this workshop will be held from January 21 to 26, at the headquarters of that organization, in Havana.

Naranjo said that the event will bring together a group of young Cuban bartenders interested in learning about the benefits of this type of international modality, which attracts hundreds of bartenders around the world every day.

In addition, that week both the directors and specialists members of the ACC presidency and the accredited competing national bartenders will be able to exchange experiences with Duarte about this type of global trend and improve their knowledge.

Naranjo recalled that more than a style, flair or freestyle is today an art, which links mixology, adventures and acrobatics, which come together in a unique spectacle that enhances cocktails.

Freestyle was made known by the American bartender Jerry Thomas, and in recent decades it has gained special strength in bars around the world and in Cuba.

The Flair bartender is a figure that gains recognition and prominence. However, the main objective of this professional -that is, creating mixes that satisfy the clients’ needs- cannot be left aside.

In August 2019, the first round of leveling exams of the World Flair Association was organized in Havana together with the Flair School of Mexico, an improvement program for bartenders to obtain the different levels of colors in flair. These levels went from yellow to blue, and in each of them, Free Pour, Working Flair and Speed ​​Round were examined.

On November 28, 2023, the Ley Seca restaurant-bar, located in Havana’s Historic Center, hosted a free-style cocktail competition, called Bar Talent 5th Edition, given the push of the new modality in Cuba. (Source: PL)


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