Arte en la Rampa in July

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2016-06-22 09:38:50


With a renewed image and design, the Cuban Art Fair - Arte en la Rampa- will be held at Havana’s Pabellón Cuba July 1/September 18 to pay tribute to Fidel Castro and young artists.

The fair’s 17th edition is dedicated to the 90th birthday of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro and the 30th anniversary of the Hermanos Saíz Young Artists Association, which is organizing the event along with the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets.

The opening includes a photo exhibit with shots of Castro taken by two photographers of different generations, Liborio Noval and Ismael Francisco, in an area at the exhibit hall called the Tunnel and the launching of the DVD Peter and the Wolf by La Colmenita Children’s Theater Company at the Salón de Mayo meeting room, closing with troupe’s performance with the show La Cucarachina Martina.

Participating entities include Cuba’s largest recording company –EGREM-, the Cuban Film Institute –ICAIC-, Havana’s Book Center, the Fund for Cultural Assets, Artex, the Havana based Casa de las Américas cultural institution, the Cuban Writers and Artists Association –UNEAC- and others. Different items including shoe ware, textiles, jewelry, ceramics and furniture will be up for sale at the fair’s 100 stands. Book launchings, children’s theater shows and encounters with Cuban cultural personalities, jam session, and concerts will also be on the arts fair’s agenda.

Concerts include the performance of singer-songwriter Polito Ibáñez, singer Zule Guerra, jazz musician Eduardo Sandoval, the band Interactivo, singers Ernesto Blanco, Telmary, Luis Alberto Barbería, Silvio Alejandro and others.  


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